Frequently Asked Questions


What is the fee structure / What does it cost?
The tuition fee is EUR 8.500 per semester.


Do you have any scholarships?
Unfortunately no, we do not offer scholarships at the moment.


Do you offer tuition grants?
Unfortunately no, we do not offer tuition grants.


What are the admission requirements?
Information about admission / tuition requirements can be found here: Click this link


Does you offer online courses?
No we do not offer online courses at the moment.


Do you have student residence?
No we do not have student residence.


Where can I live during my studies?
Students can find an apartment or a room through rental agencies.


Are the classes in English?
Yes, all the classes are in English.


What diplomas do you offer?
We have four 2 year diplomas.


How do I apply?
You can apply through our web site. Click this link.



May I teach / lecture at your school?
Yes it is possible please contact kvi@kvi.is.