ore is the name we give to the group of courses that all of our students, regardless of their department, take part in. In these courses you'll learn the fundamentals of filmmaking. You'll also learn how to read and analyze films as you watch classic and important work from the history of cinema. You'll become familiar with the basics of handling filmmaking equipment. You'll become acquainted with how the school operates and how the curriculum works. And last but not least, you'll get to know your fellow students from other departments and build lasting personal and professional relationships with them.

Core courses will not only provide you with the strong practical and theoretical foundation you'll need for your future but will broaden your perspective and leave you with a more complete understanding of what filmmaking is all about.

Equipment and technique 1 | TÆK 106
Collab. btw departments | SAM 101
Film history 1 | KMS 102
Equipment and technique 2 | TÆK 204
Collab. btw departments | SAM 201
Film history 2 | KMS 202
Visual language and its use | MYN 104
Collab. btw departments | SAM 301
Film history 3 | KMS 302
Contemporary filmmaking | SAT 102
Collab. btw departments | SAM 401
Film history 4 | KMS 402
Contracts and rates | VER 102