Do you want to become a film star

his department teaches the basic techniques and methods of acting for stage and screen. We encourage our students to explore their individual creativity and place special attention on dance, physical expression and singing.

Our curriculum provides a solid foundation for either an acting career in film, television or on the stage, or continuing a drama or filmmaking degree elsewhere. As opposed to many drama and acting programs we emphasize acting for the camera, which gives our students the opportunity to learn the basics of film production as well since they work on many film projects over the course of their studies.

Our program offers challenging professional training of the highest standard in the art of acting. You will practice the craft of acting and learn the fundamentals of filmmaking by working in teams with students of other departments in the school. This cooperation runs side by side with the acting studies throughout all four semesters. Our instructors are actors, directors, singers, dancers and filmmakers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.

You will graduate from our program with a solid understanding of the professional actor’s working methods and obligations and with the self-confidence and independence of a mature creative artist. Whether you go on to become a professional actor or filmmaker or decide to continue your studies elsewhere, you will have built a valuable network of contacts starting right here at school, from your fellow students in all departments to a long list of talented, creative instructors.

Preview of Films

Department 4 prepares you for the following jobs

  • Actor
  • Actress
  • Film maker (all the foundations)

Acting and motion 1 | LEH 103
Characterization 1 | LES 104
Acting and voice: Singing 1 | LRS 102
Acting and voice: Text 1 | LRT 102
Acting technique 1 | LET 104
Final 1st semester project | LOL 106
Equipment & technique 1 | TÆK 106
Collab. btw departments | SAM 101
Film history 1 | KMS 102
Acting and motion 2 | LEH 204
Characterizaton 2 | LES 204
Acting and voice: Singing 2 | LRS 202
Acting and voice: Text 2 | LRT 202
Acting technique 2 | LET 204
Acting workshop | LEI 106
Equipment and technique 2 | TÆK 204
Collab. btw departments | SAM 201
Film history 2 | KMS 202
Acting and motion 3 | LEH 304
Characterization 3 | LES 304
Acting and voice: Singing 3 | LRS 302
Acting and voice: Text 3 | LRT 302
Acting technique 3 | LET 302
History of drama | LLS 102
Dramatic TV pilot | LSJ 104
TV series | SJL 103
Visual language and its use | MYN 104
Collab. btw departments | SAM 301
Film history 3 | KMS 302
Acting and motion 4 | LEH 404
Characterization 4 | LES 403
Acting and voice: Singing 4 | LRS 402
Acting and voice: Text 4 | LRT 402
Screenwriting | HHO 102
Experimentation | TIR 102
Thesis project 4th semester | LOL 208
Contemporary filmmaking | SAT 102
Collab. btw departments | SAM 401
Film history 4 | KMS 402
Contracts and rates | VER 102

“There are few things more rewarding than chasing your dreams and to learn more and understand more in the field of your main interest”

Anna Hafþórsdóttir, Gratuated spring 2011

“My years in the Film School were both valuable and good . I matured a lot as a person and an artist , met a lot of good and very talented people , both students and teachers”

Vivian Ólafsdóttir, Gratuated autumn 2011