An Art School and Creative Center

The curriculum is for the most part practical and the students work on a host of projects during their studies, both on their own films and those of others.


IFS is a member of Cilect, the international organization of the best films schools in the world.

Information about Iceland

All courses are taught in ENGLISH. Here you will find practical information about Iceland; housing, weather, living cost, permits and more information. Just click here.

Life After IFS

Students have a vast array of options once they have completed their studies: Further specialization, jobs in the film- and television industry, or even running their own companies. The education can also be put to use as supplementary knowledge in other fields, even in different areas.

A Close Connection to the Industry

All teachers and instructors at IFS are active professionals in the industry. IFS is also in formal collaboration with production companies and TV stations that offer internships after graduation.

Creating Stars

The school's motto stands for the school's determined ambition to educate students and support them to the extent that they reach the front ranks of some field of filmmaking or drama.

Why IFS?

IFS has developed a special two-year program which ensures that students acquire a firm professional grounding at the end of their studies. Most students arrive at the school as beginners but graduate as professionals, ready to assume their duties in the field of filmmaking or specialize further in their continuing studies.

Always Open for Admissions

We accept applications at all times, every day of the year.

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The curriculum includes the curriculum structure, a roster of courses according to semester and course descriptions. The course description includes the title and characteristics of the course, a content summary in addition to learning outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CILECT?

    The International Association of Film and Television Schools (French: Centre international de liaison des écoles de cinéma et de télévision, CILECT) is the association of the world's major film and television schools. It was founded in Cannes in 1955. For more information, please go to:
  • How long are the programs?

    All study programs are set up for 2 years.