The Film School reopens after quarantine

The Film Schools students, who have these last few weeks been sat at home being taught remotely, finally returned back to the school for...
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Save Bio Paradis

For the last 10 years Bio Paradis has had a special place for both students and staff of The Icelandic Film School. Every Friday our students...
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Iceland in the time of Covid19

With the global epidemic that has had a foothold in most countries, devastating most populations, Iceland has of course been greatly affected by...
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Iceland is the right place to study

To our international applicants, please note ; If you are applying for the autumn semester and get accepted you need to be in Iceland before the...
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The Icelandic Film School in the pandemic

The Icelandic Films School, as other colleges and universities, was made to shut down during a gathering ban that was set in the country and the...
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Information about Iceland and the Covid-19 pandemic

Like every other country in the world, Iceland has been dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The most important thing to remember is that every...
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Bolli Mar has a new program at RUV

Bolli Mar Bjarnason graduated from Acting at The Icelandic Film School in December 2015 and has just started a new program at RUV, called...
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Greg Sestero films a scene in the Black Studio at The Film School

An interesting project landed the other day when our own Elfar Thor Gudbjartsson was asked to record and direct a scene for the coming film...
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SLOVENIA/AUSTRIA/FINLAND : Slovenian/Austrian/Finnish Skiing in Scarves Overcomes Postproduction Challenges #SkiingInScarves #HaidyKancler https://bit.ly/3fUzeVM

TECHNOLOGY/INFORMATION : ARRI Academy Launches “Lighting Systems Control with Richard Cadena” Course #RichardCadena https://www.cinema5d.com/arri-academy-launches-lighting-systems-control-richard-cadena/

SINGAPORE : Banned for 30 years, Singapore’s only martial arts film is now on YouTube #RingOfFury #PeterChong https://bit.ly/364frPy

CANADA/USA : Tommy Chong turns 82 years old today #TommyChong https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Chong

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