Students from The Film School at the Northern Wave film fest

Northern Wave film festival will be held for the 11th time this year and starts on October 26th As often before, both current and former...
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Axlar-Bjorn, Iceland’s only serial killer, returns

Hafsteinn Hafsteinsson, a graduate from Acting at The Film School, just finished acting in a full length film about Axlar-Bjorn, who is suspected...
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Bolli Mar Bjarnason, a graduate of Acting

Bolli Mar Bjarnason graduated from Acting at The Icelandic Film School and has been doing good things since. We got a hold of him and asked him...
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Kristin Lea Sigridardottir, actress and acting coach in “Let me fall”

We congratulate the makers of “Let me fall” (Lof mer ad falla), for all the attention the film has received, the story contains an...
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Vigfus Thormar Gunnarsson, Casting Director in “Let me fall”

As mentioned before, the film “Lof mer ad falla” (Let me fall), has gotten very positive feedback, both in country and abroad, for...
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Freyja Sesseljudottir, Art department coordinator in “Lof mer ad falla” (Let me fall)

It has been pretty obvious that the Icelandic film “Let me fall” has gained much notoriety, attention and discussion of late, when...
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Students of The Film School have many films at RIFF this year

RIFF, or Reykjavik International Film Festival, will commence on the 27th of September and the program is of the highest quality. Among the...
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“Inferno” takes first prize at The Onrios Film Festival

Knutur Haukstein Olafsson graduated from The Film School with his graduation film “Inferno” in 2015. Since then he has had great...
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USA: On this day in 1990 "Dances with Wolves" directed by Kevin Costner and starring Kevin Costner and Mary McDonnell premieres in Washington, D.C. (Academy Awards Best Picture 1991) #KevinCostner #MaryMcDonnell #DancesWithWolves

INDONESIA/INDIA: India to Host Film Festival to Commemorate 70-Year Relation #JokoWidodo #NarendraModi #SidhartoSuryodipuro

TECHNOLOGY/INFORMATION: 'All Writing is Rewriting': How To Write a Great Screenplay #Filmmakign #ScriptWriting #ReWrite #Screenplay #WritingAScreenplay

QUOTE: "I'll be taking these Huggies and whatever
cash you got."
Twentieth Century Fox, 1987

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