Opportunity knocks while studying as well

Sveinn Larus Hjartarson made quite the change to his life when he applied to enter The Film School I had been working at a car lube service...
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Vivian Olafsdottir actress, a graduate of Acting from The Film School

Vivian Olafsdottir is a 34 year old mother of three, that graduated from Acting in 2012. Her graduating film, “White men” was chosen...
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Film School students have quite a few films this year in the Frostbiter Film Festival

The Frostbiter Horror Film Festival will be held in Akranes from November 23rd to 25th this year. Quite a few of the films shown belong to...
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Vilius Petrikas, producer of the upcoming film “Axlar-Bjorn”

Vilius Petrikas graduated from The Film School in the spring of 2010 from Directing and Producing. We got a hold of him to get information about...
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Students from The Film School at the Northern Wave film fest

Northern Wave film festival will be held for the 11th time this year and starts on October 26th As often before, both current and former...
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Axlar-Bjorn, Iceland’s only serial killer, returns

Hafsteinn Hafsteinsson, a graduate from Acting at The Film School, just finished acting in a full length film about Axlar-Bjorn, who is suspected...
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Bolli Mar Bjarnason, a graduate of Acting

Bolli Mar Bjarnason graduated from Acting at The Icelandic Film School and has been doing good things since. We got a hold of him and asked him...
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Kristin Lea Sigridardottir, actress and acting coach in “Let me fall”

We congratulate the makers of “Let me fall” (Lof mer ad falla), for all the attention the film has received, the story contains an...
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UK: Anna Popplewell turns 30 yers old today #AnnaPopplewell https://t.co/d1C70NNDi3

TECHNOLOGY/INFORMATION: Free Screenwriting Seminar #Screenwriting #ScreenWritingSeminar #Filmmaking #ScriptWriting https://t.co/59vhVfyBuI

QUOTE: "In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, and they had 500 years of democracy and peace.
And what did that produce? The cuckoo clock."
Selznick Releasing, 1949

CAMBODIA: Cambodia’s ocean film festival highlights marine conservation #SiemReapOceanInMotionFilmFestival #SiemReap #CambodiaFilmFestival https://t.co/soN8Dnaudw

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