Næsta mynd er “Freyja” eftir Marzibil Sæmundsdóttur

As we here at The Icelandic Film School celebrate our 25th year, we will be showing selected works of our graduated students. This time it will...
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The Icelandic Film School on the World Wide Web

We here at The Icelandic Film School strive to connect to the world in as many ways as possible. The thinking there being that our students, as...
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The 3rd installment of our 25 short films made by our students, “No homo”

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we will be showing 25 specially selected short films from graduated students from years gone by. “No...
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Sólveig Kanthi Engilbertsdóttir, a graduate from Directing and Producing, let us pry a little bit

We of course started with finding out what enticed Sólveig to film making I was enthralled by films early and all that is associated with them. I...
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The 2nd graduation short film we are showing to celebrate our 25th year !

As we celebrate our 25 years, we will be showing 25 selected graduation films from our graduated students over the last years. This time it will...
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We introduce more Program Directors that will be joining the team this fall

We have finalized the hiring of two more Program Directors to join the Acting Department along with Þórey Sigurþórsdóttir, whom we have already...
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Friðrik Þór Friðriksson has been appointed Dean of The Icelandic Film School

Friðrik Þór Friðriksson has taken on the job of dean of the Icelandic Film School through this year. He will be taking over the reigns from...
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A new Program Director system has been put in place with the Icelandic Film School and amazing people have joined the team!

This summer has involved a lot of restructuring with the teaching system at the Icelandic Film School, the object being to focus on teaching...
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QUOTE: "If You Want to Send a Message, Try Western Union"
– Frank Capra #FrankCapra https://t.co/S782lcmSGT

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Kangana Ranaut’s comes clean with ‘Simran’ #Simran #KanganaRanaut https://t.co/W7tQCwx4Mt

INDIA: John Madden to head Mumbai Film Festival jury #JohnMadden #MumbaiFilmFestival #MFF2017 https://t.co/kyeZLuQpu4

GREECE: The Athens International Film Festival gears up for its 23rd edition #AthensInternationalFilmFestival #AIFF https://t.co/pJv6sypvR8

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