Graduation fall semester 2017

Today, Saturday the 16th of December, 15 amazing film makers graduated from The Icelandic Film School in a ceremony at Bíó Paradís. On this...
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Emil Alfreð Emilsson received an international award for his graduation film

Emil Alfreð Emilsson, a graduate from Screen Writing and Directing at The Film School, recently received an award for the best script for his...
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Graduation week in the Icelandic Film School

After a lot of hard work, and no doubt trials and adventures, we have come to the time when our upcoming graduates can finally enjoy the fruits...
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Regarding Stundin´s report on The Icelandic Film School

The board of directors and dean would like to start by going through the response from The Icelandic Film School regarding the MeToo movement and...
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Graduation time is almost upon us

It is obvious that we are drawing ever closer to graduation for our last year students, many of whom are engulfed by their finishing touches on...
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It is almost graduation time

We decided to grab a few upcoming graduates and ask them a bit about their time at The Icelandic Film School. We are starting with Inga...
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25 years of film making

To celebrate the 25th year of The Icelandic Film School, we will be showing 25 different short films made by our students in years past. Now we...
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USA: 10 Best Documentaries of 2017, From ‘Faces Places’ to ‘Kiki’ #facesPlaces #Kiki #Dina #Obit #StrongIsland #Chavela

TECHNOLOGY/INFORMATION: How to Shoot, Edit, and Use B-Roll to Make Better Films #FilmMaking #FilmEditing #BRoll

MOVIE QUOTE: "Houston, we have a problem."
Apollo 13, 1995

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